Shopping For High Quality Gun Safes? What To Know Before You Buy

A safe for your firearms isn't something you should just pick up at the lock sporting goods store. You want to find the right type of safe for your firearms that is going to be the most secure for your home. Not all safes are built with the same materials or have the same security standards.

You first want to determine what is all going into the safe, like your firearms, ammo, or other weapons. Once you know how much space you need you can start shopping for safes with the following details.

Steel Door and Walls

The thicker the better when it comes to the thickness of the steel door and walls for your gun safe. You want a safe that has a door that has ½ inch thickness, and safe walls that are at least 7 gauge steel for maximum security. These details are necessary if you want a safe that can't be damaged or accessed by thieves or intruders easily.

Type of Lock

You want the safe to have one of the following types of locks to protect the guns inside the case:

  • Mechanical dial
  • Keypad combination
  • Fingerprint recognition

The lock should be a UL 768 Group 1 or a UL 768 Group 2. The UL 768 Group 2 provides better security. Any safe that has multiple locks and security details is ideal to protect your firearms and anything else you have stored inside.

Fire Insulation and Protection

If there is a fire or natural disaster you want your firearms to be protected. Be sure that the safe you choose isn't just fire resistant, but that it has 1.5-inch or thicker fire insulation protection. The thicker the insulation, the longer the safe will protect your items in the event of a fire or high heat.

The last thing you want to worry about if your home is flooding, or on fire, is that your guns will all be ruined. The seal on the safe should prevent these things from happening.

There is a lot of responsibility that goes into gun ownership. If you are in need of a gun safe to keep your firearms protected, take the time to find the right safe and make the investment into a high-quality purchase. You don't want to end up with a unit that is easy to break into, that can be damaged, or that you have to worry about.