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Preparing for Day One: Starting a Business Tips

4 Helpful Services To Look For In Glass Repair

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Are all glass repair shops the same? Well, no. There are a number of ways that the best shops differentiate themselves and offer better service to customers. Read on to find out what to look for from a glass repair service, and how to evaluate these kinds of service in a competitive market. Meet-ups One of the biggest customer service values in the auto glass repair industry right now is the idea that company representatives can meet people where they are to repair or replace broken glass. You may have seen new auto glass repair commercials with workmen coming to a supermarket or a stadium or someplace where someone had their windows broken out, to put glass in place directly in the parking lot. This type of house call is very valuable for you, saving you time and effort in getting the fixes that you need. Graffiti Removal and Washing Lots of companies focus on replacing glass portions that have been cracked or damaged, but sometimes, glass just needs different types of cleaning services or some type of buffing or polishing. Some shops offer these types of services for customers in order to help them make the most of their assets and avoid more costly solutions. Talk to a glass repair shop about getting graffiti or other stubborn residue off of a piece of glass instead of replacing the entire thing. Glass Cleanup Shattered glass can be a real mess. Some companies help with removing shattered auto glass from seats or other areas of the vehicle. This is another valuable service that can come in handy when you have to call an auto glass company to help with vehicle repair. Working Around Vehicle Systems In some cases, vehicle glass can be so close to vehicle systems that it’s hard to replace the glass or work with it without damaging other areas of the vehicle. Good repair shops know how to remove and reinstall or rehang panels, and how to remove damaged window glass from inside of the door without damaging locks, power wiring, and other types of systems. Ask auto glass repair shops about these comprehensive services and how they work to satisfy customers. In many of these types of jobs, good and speedy repair is important, but so is detailed work and being able to facilitate a particular customer’s needs – which is why the best shops put a premium on helpful and diversified glass repair services. For more information, contact a local company like Guardian...

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Tips For Streamlining Your Inventory Management

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If you are a company that sells any sort of product or builds anything that requires multiple parts, you are going to need a decent inventory management system in order to keep track of what you have, what you need to order, what you aren’t using, and what you are using at a higher rate than expected. This will allow you to avoid having to waste storage space on items that you are storing for no reason and not using up quickly enough. It will also allow you to keep all of the products that your customers want or that you need to build other items on hand at all times. Here are some tips for streamlining your inventory management process. 1. Keep Track of How Much You’ve Sold or Used Up Each Month Make sure that you keep records on the amount of each item that you use or sell each month. During the holiday season, you might be restocking more regularly. If this applies to you, be sure that you break down the amount of items that you sell or use by week, as well as by month. This will allow you to keep the amount of stock that you need to satisfy your customers and your product demands easily. It will also allow you to avoid having more stock on the shelves than you actually need so that you can make sure that you have room to store what you actually require each month. 2. Use Cycle Counting Every month or every week, update your tracking system so that it accurately reflects what you have in stock or available to use. This means that you take a section of your inventory and count it. Then, you compare what you have counted that day to the numbers that your tracking system shows. If they are inaccurate, you know that there is a breakdown in your tracking system that needs to be accounted for. This gives you the chance to fix them. Try to count all sections every six months by rotating through counting cycles. 3. Backup Your Inventory Data Be sure that you keep a version of inventory data in a cloud or backed up on a removable jump drive. This will allow you to rebuild your inventory data and not have to start from scratch should the worst occur and you need to replace all of your data. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in inventory management.  ...

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Keeping Your Leather Office Chair In Tip-Top Shape With Simple Cleaning Steps

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If you have a leather office chair behind your desk at your place of business, you most likely enjoy the soft comfort and pleasing look it gives. To keep your chair in the best of condition, there are a few steps you can take in maintaining it to help keep it from wearing prematurely. Here are some instructions to follow when caring for your commercial furniture so it lasts for years to come. Remove Surface Dirt Take the time to regularly wipe down your office chair with a piece of microfiber cloth to remove accumulated dust, which leads to a grungy appearance. This dust is often noticed on areas other than the seat and back as they are not touched as often. If you notice debris still present after wiping down the leather, use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove the particles. This can be used in crevices such as where the arms protrude from the seat back and where stitchery is present. Make sure to hold the attachment a bit above the surface of the leather rather than rubbing it along the material, to avoid scratches. Tend To Caked On Materials When dirt is not cleaned up promptly, the chair will need a deeper cleaning to remove it without scratching the leather material in the process. Use a mild detergent mixed with warm water to clean your leather chair. First, dip a clean piece of microfiber cloth into the soapy solution, wring out the material, and use it to wipe down the leather. After the leather has been moistened, rub a soft-bristled scrub brush in a circular motion over it to loosen dirt particles. Wipe up the cleaning solution and dirt using a clean piece of microfiber cloth.  Condition Your Chair Use a mixture of a 1:2 ratio of vinegar to linseed oil as a deep cleanser to condition your leather chair. This is a safe way to increase the suppleness of the leather material without causing discoloration after use. It will also keep the leather from cracking. Place the mixture in a spray bottle and spritz it over the material. Allow to sit for several minutes and then buff the leather with a clean piece of microfiber cloth. You may need to repeat the buffing procedure a few times to remove any remnants of the solution as it is quite slick. Alternately, you can use a commercial-grade leather conditioning agent to soften the leather of your...

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Warning Signs To Look For When Purchasing Previously-Owned Wooden Furniture From Estate Liquidation Sales

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If you frequently go to sales put on by estate liquidators, you probably know that many of these sales include used wooden furniture. Very valuable pieces (especially antiques) will often come with an appraisal of the piece and a description of its condition. However, not all pieces will have this kind of evaluation. Without a professional evaluation, it may be difficult to judge the condition of the wood furniture you find. Knowing how to perform an inspection of previously-owned wooden furniture can help you decide which pieces are in the best condition. These tips will help you identify problems in wooden furniture, so you can take home wooden furniture in good condition. Look for Broken Joints or Spokes Broken joints and spokes made of wood can be cost-prohibitive to replace. Glue rarely works to make these kinds of repairs, so to fix this kind of problem, you’ll likely have to replace the broken section of wood. To do this, you’ll need to find a piece of wood of the right size and wood type, then you’ll have to stain or seal the wood to match the color of the overall piece. For this reason, it’s best to avoid pieces with broken joints and spokes. Inspect for Wood Rot Pieces of furniture that sit outside for a long time, and pieces of furniture that are placed in harsh indoor conditions (like garages and attics) can develop dry rot. Sometimes dry rot can appear as cracks and discolorations in the wood. When looking for dry rot, pay close attention to the areas of the furniture that come into contact with the floor or the ground, as these parts can sometimes come into contact with moisture that can encourage rot (especially if the furniture was ever once outside). Pieces that display signs of rot could require more repair than is worthwhile. Unless you’re a master craftsman, these pieces are best avoided. Know What Problems Can Be Fixed Easily Pre-used wooden furniture will often have superficial problems that can be easily repaired, such as: Scratches. Superficial damage like scratches and dents can be easily repaired during refinishing. Missing hardware. Hinges, handles and other hardware can easily be replaced. Stains. Stains can generally be sanded out of old wood and covered with a fresh coat of paint or wood stain and sealer. When purchasing wooden furniture from estate liquidation sales, look for pieces that feature easy-to-fix wear and tear. Avoid problems like dry rot and splintered, broken wood. Buying furniture with these easy-to-repair problems will help ensure long-term satisfaction with your purchase. Contact estate liquidators for more...

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Three Uses For Self-Storage As A Business Owner

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Whether you own a small business or a medium-sized business, you might occasionally find that your available storage space is at a minimum. While it might be convenient to pack products, supplies and other goods to the ceiling in each of your rooms, the reality is that doing so can lead to a cluttered, cramped working environment. This can not only be detrimental to your staff, but it also doesn’t project a professional image when you’re dealing with customers. If expanding your business location isn’t feasible at the moment, an ideal alternative to consider is renting space at a self-storage facility near your workplace. There are several uses for this additional storage space, including these three. Room For Bookkeeping Many businesses keep hard copies of financial records for several years for bookkeeping purposes. The issue associated with doing so is that it won’t take long until your place of work is flooded in boxes of documents. In many cases, you won’t even consult these hard copies; after all, you likely have digital records for everything. An effective solution is to move these documents to a self-storage facility nearby. They’ll be available in the event that you need to retrieve them, and they’ll be secure. Self-storage companies pride themselves on offering secure premises, which means that you won’t have to worry about your sensitive business information ending up in the wrong hands. Space For Extra Inventory Your financial bottom line can suffer if you don’t have adequate storage space in your workplace – the lack of space can force you to make small inventory orders even though larger orders can be more cost-effective. You can overcome this issue by having available storage located off-site. The use of a storage unit means that you can order larger shipments of goods for your inventory and store them in this new location. When your inventory at your place of work runs low, all you’ll need to do is visit your storage unit. Storage For Furniture Over time, the needs of a business can evolve, which often precipitates a change in the organization of the workplace. If you find yourself not needing some desks, computers or other furniture, you might not want to completely get rid of them. Instead of selling them and then having to repurchase new items in the future, you can simply store these items at your storage facility. Climate-controlled units are especially ideal for wooden furniture so it can be kept at the right humidity for longevity. For more information about storage space, talk with a local self storage company, such as A Space Bank Mini...

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Three Types Of Point Of Sale Systems You Can Use When You First Open Your New Store

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If you are opening a new store and this is your first business, you may be wondering what types of currency you should accept and how to take payments. Your point of sale system is an integral part of your business because it processes the payments for the sale of goods. Here are three types  of point of sale systems that can help you get your business off the ground and see it into the future. Plug-In Card Readers and Mobile Apps You have a couple of different choices for plug-in debit and credit card readers and their accompanying apps. Each of these card readers does require a mobile app download, but the process is quite straightforward from there. The card reader plugs into your earbud port on your mobile device and you need to open the app to process a payment. If your customer wants to pay with a check and not with a debit or credit card, you can manually enter this information into the app and the payment will be accepted too.  Banking Apps and Instant Deposit Banking apps now have the ability to capture check images and process payments for you. You will need the app to link to the bank where you have your business account. Open the app and select “Remote deposit” or “Deposit a Check.” The app will ask that you take photos of the front and back of the signed check (your signature or business stamp has to be on the back too). Once submitted, the check may be processed right away, or it may take the same number of days typically needed to process the check if you had deposited it at a bank. Dial-up POS Systems Another start-up option for a POS system is a dial-up device. These machines take the customer’s payment, dial up the number associated with the card’s distributer, verify that there is enough money in the account, and then accept or deny payment. The machines require a phone line, so unless you do not mind your main business line being tied up once in a while you can start with a single phone line. If you can afford it and would rather not have your main business line tied up every time a customer pays with a credit or debit card, then ask your phone company to install one line for the phone and a separate line just for the POS system. Contact a business, such as the Schmaus Cash Register Company, for more...

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Things To Consider When Buying A Commercial Ice Machine

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Your commercial ice machine is a great investment for your business. If you make the right choices when you purchase and when it comes to maintaining the machine, you will have that one machine provide you with all of the ice you need for many years. So, what do you need to look for in a quality machine and how do you maintain it? Below, you will find the answers to those questions. Filtration System Purchase an ice machine that has a built-in filtration system. The filter does three things for your machine: Removes contaminants from the water that could make the ice look discolored and cloudy. Decreases scale that will damage the machine. Provides clean, odorless water that will produce great tasting and smelling ice. In most cases, filters need to be replaced about every six months, but if you have very hard water, it will need replaced sooner. Note: If you purchase a machine with a built-in filtration system, be sure to keep up with the schedule of replacement. Failure to do so could void any manufacturer’s warranty offered. Antimicrobial Materials To decrease the risk of microbial issues with the machine, invest in a machine that has been built using antimicrobial materials. This plastic is used in the ice molds and the storage bin to prevent the growth of microbial contaminants. Maintain Twice Each Year Keeping up with the filter change schedule is just one part of keeping your machine in good working condition. When you change the filter, take the time to thaw, clean and descale the machine completely. De-scaling is done by cleaning the machine with a nickel-safe cleaning agent. Note: Some models have automatic descaling systems built into them. All you have to do is set the schedule for the cleaning and it will be done for you. Designated Bins and Scoops Purchasing bins and scoops that will be used for only the ice coming from the machine will greatly reduce the risk of contamination.  Using clean, sanitary tools to handle the ice will prevent the ice from being exposed to anything that could make it taste bad, smell terrible and even become contaminated with bacteria. Talk with a local commercial ice dispenser professional, such as Crystal Ice Machine, to learn more about the added features available and to find the ice machine that will provide your company with the ice it needs for several years before replacement is...

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How To PASS Discussing Previous Employment During Your Interview

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As you are being interviewed for your next job, there will be a few questions you can guarantee your potential employer will ask. For example, you can guarantee your potential employer will want to know about your previous place of employment. Fortunately, if you can remember the acronym PASS, you will have no trouble discussing your previous employment during the interview. P is for Prepared It is vital for you to take time to plan and prepare for the interview. You want to have all your facts straight before you sit down and start talking. You should assume this employer is going to want to know about people from your past. If you cannot remember the name and phone number of previous employers, write this information down. There is nothing wrong with having notes with contact information for the interview. What you want to avoid happening is having to tell the potential employer you do not know the answer to one of his or her questions. This is never an answer a potential employer wants to hear during an interview. A is for Affirmative One of the most important rules to keep in mind during an interview is affirmation is vital. You should never talk negatively about a previous job. It does not matter how much you hated the job or how poorly you were treated, the employer does not need or want to know this. You want to stick to the positive aspects of your previous place of employment. Complaining about work conditions, co-workers, money, or schedules will send up red flags to the potential employer that you might be a complicated employee he or she would rather not deal with. S is for Short and Sweet There is a fine line between sharing too much and sharing too little. You want to make sure you answer the question, but the employer does not need to know your entire life story. Just focus on the highlights and make sure you fully answered the question. Giving a never ending narrative about your previous job is not necessarily going to indicate you are a bad employee, but most employers only set aside a certain amount of time for an interview and you want to make sure he or she gets to ask you every question he or she has. S is for Sincere The last and most important rule is to be sincere. Regardless of how small the lie might be it is always a bad idea to lie about your previous employment. It just takes one phone call and one conversation for your potential employer to know you lied. Getting caught in a lie will guarantee you do not get the job. Just stick to what is true and try not to exaggerate your abilities as an employee. With these four rules in mind, you should be able to PASS the interview and nail discussing your previous employment with your potential employer. For employment services, contact a company such as Kable...

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3 Things To Know About Being Cremated

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If you have a loved one who has died, you may want to consider having this individual cremated and forego the traditional funeral. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to the ease and lower cost that is associated with cremation. However, there are certain things you may want to know before finally choosing this method for the deceased individual in your life. Direct Cremation Many people select a direct cremation service because of the numerous advantages of doing so. One of these includes the fact that the body is cremated quickly. A direct cremation will avoid some common processes that typically must be achieved otherwise. Listed below are ways this cremation type can save you money: 1.    The crematory you choose will have a container that is used for the body, and this will avoid the expensive cost of getting a casket. 2.    There is no need to embalm the body when it’s cremated, and this can save an additional $200-$700. 3.    No viewing of the body which frequently eliminates many expenses that may including putting an obituary in the paper about funeral times. The Costs If you’re considering a direct cremation, you may be interested in the total cost of this. The average cost of this type of cremation is $1,000-$2,500, and this may depend on your location. On the other hand, if you decide to have a traditional funeral, this could cost $6,000-$9,000. The Memorial Even though you may decide on a cremation for your loved one, you can still have a memorial service for this person. Listed below are some ways to show your respect after the body is cremated: 1.    Set a date for friends and family to get together and notify the individuals of this time. 2.    Arrange for a speaker to start the memorial and ask if others would like to participate. 3.    Consider having some type of music and a floral arrangement to provide the right atmosphere for the memorial. 4.    Have pictures of the deceased for the attendees to view during  the memorial service. 5.    Have an urn with the person’s cremated remains at the service when paying respects and acknowledge this as well. The benefits of being cremated are numerous, and this is why this option is commonly selected. Be sure to consult with a crematory business in your area to assist you with the details for any cremation. For more information about cremation services, contact a company such as Morris Nilsen Funeral...

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Why You Should Rent Your Construction Equipment

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If you own a construction business, you are probably aware of the costs associated with obtaining the equipment you need to do your job.  Whether it’s forklifts, cranes, or loaders, the costs to purchase these items can quickly add up and subtract from your bottom line.  However, there is an alternative to buying heavy equipment: renting.  Learning more about the benefits of renting construction equipment can help you determine if you should take this route as soon as possible. Renting May Save You Money One of the most compelling reasons why renting heavy equipment is such a great choice is because it may be the key to helping you save money.  The purchase price of heavy machinery is one thing, but the cost of ownership can quickly wipe out your budget. Like most industries, construction has its ebbs and flows.  There may be a period during the year where you’re swamped in business, while other times find you without many clients.  In the interim, you must find a place to store your equipment if you own it, and this could eat into your pocket.  Maintenance is another consideration.  Your clients depend on you to have functional equipment so that you’re able to get your job done.  This means that you must have your equipment seen by a professional on a regular basis to make sure that it’s working properly.   Construction equipment rental companies store the machinery during the off season s you can have access to it on an as-needed basis.  They also maintain their own equipment so you won’t have to worry about spending company funds to keep your machinery in good condition. Renting Gives You The Opportunity To Work With The Latest Equipment Another reason why it’s such a good idea to rent the construction equipment that you need is because it allows you to always work with the latest equipment.  When new products are available, you won’t have to spend your own money to purchase and benefit from them. Equipment rental companies regularly update their inventory so that it includes the very best that the construction equipment industry has to offer.  These devices could help to shorten production time and help you complete jobs with more ease.   Renting construction equipment is a great way for you to gain access to the products you need without incurring unnecessary costs. For more information, talk to a professional like LAX Equipment...

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