LED VS Neon Signs: Which Is Right For Your Business?

If you are looking for bright and vibrant signage to help capture the attention of customers, your two best options will be LED and neon signs. However, choosing between these two options can often prove considerably difficult. Thankfully, taking the time to carefully review the pros and cons associated with each option can ultimately make your decision much easier.

Option #1: LED Signs

The Pros

  • Brighter - LED signs are much brighter than neon signs. Consequently, they can easily be seen from a distance, making it easier to attract the attention of motorists passing by on a nearby expressway or side street.
  • Customizable - Unlike neon signs that display the exact same message forever, LED signs can be customized to display any message you want. Furthermore, changing the message that is displayed by an LED sign is often as easy as logging on to a user friendly software program.

The Cons

  • Limitations - In some cities, the use of LED signs is being limited in residential areas due to the extreme brightness of these signs. Depending upon where your business is located, this could prove problematic.
  • Expensive - LED signs are often the more expensive of these two options. However, it is important to note that the ability to chance of the contents of these signs can often save you money in the future by preventing the need to purchase a new sign each time your message changes.

Option #2: Neon Signs

The Pros

  • Traditional Glow - While both neon and LED signs can be quite bright in nature, neon signs will produce the soft glow that many customers have come to expect from business signage.
  • Artistic Value - Since neon lights are crafted using glass tubing, these signs will often posses artistic value in addition to conveying a message. In many cases, this artistic value can help to better attract the attention of passing customers and may even help you to develop a level of brand recognition.

The Cons

  • Breakage - Since neon signs make use of glass tubing, there will always be the chance that these signs can break.
  • Operational Costs - Neon signs consume considerably more energy than LED signs. While this additional energy consumption may not be a problem for businesses that only run their signs a few times a day, it can result in a serious financial difference for businesses that run their signs around the clock.

The Bottom Line

A variety of factors, such as your budget and available space, will ultimately determine which type of signage is right for your business. In order to further discuss the pros and cons of LED and neon signs, or to place an order for your custom sign, be sure to consult a reputable sign company in your local area like Hightech Signs.