3 Ways To Make More Money As A Big City Taxi Cab Driver

In a big city, being a taxi cab driver can be quite a lucrative job. Not only are fares easier to find, they also tend to tip better. However, there are other things to keep in mind if you want to make more money as a taxi driver. These 3 tips can not only make the ride more enjoyable for you and your riders, they can also substantially increase your income. 

1. Don't Cruise 

Cruising for fares may seem like a good idea, but it can actually eat up your income. With the rising costs of gasoline, the amount of time you spend cruising for fares should be reduced in favor of parking outside large events or workplaces at peak times. For example, cab drivers in New York City can often pick up fares simply by waiting near the Financial District around 5:00 p.m. when employees are ending their work day. 

2. Open the Door For Your Riders or Carry Their Bags 

Part of the value of a taxi cab ride is the comfort and service you get. Riders are much more likely to give you better tips if you go out of your way to provide them with this service. If possible, open the door for them, or place their bags in the trunk of the car. When they thank you, smile and say, "It's my pleasure." 

3. Keep Your Cab Clean & Smelling Great

Frequent taxi cab riders hate when a taxi smells like food, or is less than clean. Keep your cab in impeccable condition by avoiding throwing trash anywhere, and eating food in a restaurant instead of on the go in your cab. This can be difficult when you're a busy taxi driver, however, riders will appreciate your cleanliness and tip you accordingly. Also consider forgoing cologne or heavily perfumed air fresheners. The goal is clean and fresh. 

Making money as a taxi cab driver can seem challenging if you're new, or if it's a particularly slow part of the day. But waiting outside of popular venues at certain times and making sure that each ride is as comfortable as possible for the rider can get you more fares and increase the tips that your riders give you. Above all, keep a smile on your face and enjoy providing big city residents with one of the most valuable services in the area. It will make all the difference. Talk to places like Independent Taxi for more tips.