Together Forever: Options For Shared Cremation And Burial Plots

Deciding how to handle the burial of a spouse when one wishes to be cremated and the other prefers a burial can add stress to an already difficult time. Fortunately, you do have options that will honor the wishes of both while still allowing the spouses to share a burial plot:

#1: Internment In the Casket

It's possible to share a plot if the surviving spouse makes arrangements for their spouse's ashes to be buried within the same casket as them. When selecting and purchasing a casket, make sure it is sized appropriately for both. Often, the cremation urn is placed at the foot of the casket, although other arrangements can often be made to meet the wishes of both parties.

#2: Sharing a Plot

Sharing a plot works well if the spouse that is buried in a casket passes first. The cremated remains are then buried at the foot of the plot or directly on top of the casket remains. Although this isn't the same as sharing a casket, it does allow both spouses to have their final wishes honored so they remain together even after passing.

#3: Headstone Options

There are headstones designs that allow for the internment of ashes inside a sealed chamber that is within the headstone. If you purchase the burial plot in advance, you can have the ashes interred right away. If you choose this method after the original burial, after the headstone is already in place, you will need to replace the headstone with one that is made to hold an urn or ashes. If you prefer to keep the original headstone, it may be possible to add an urn vault next to or on top of the stone, depending on its design.

A Few Points to Consider:

  • You will need the cremation paperwork when you make final arrangements for the ashes, or when transporting them across state lines. Keep this paperwork on file and place a copy in a safe place, such as in a safe deposit box. When making final arrangements with the funeral home you will need to bring this paperwork along with the urn.

  • Purchase your casket and burial plot in advance. Not only is this a gift to your family during a difficult time, it gives you a chance to make all the necessary arrangements so you can ensure your casket and urn burial meets your final wishes.

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