Two Of The Biggest Trade Show Mistakes Any Entrepreneur Can Make

In product marketing, first impressions mean everything and if you do not get it right with the first presentation of your new idea, the potential customer or investor will more than likely take their money and go in the opposite direction. Trade shows are usually the first time anyone will witness what you have to offer.

As simple as it sounds to set up a trade show exhibit display and tell attendees what it is you have to offer and why they need it, there are major mistakes that are all too easy to make during the event. Here are two that you should be sure you avoid during the trade show exhibition of your up and coming product idea.

Not Giving Enough Thought to Exhibit Design

When you are in the planning stages of preparing for a trade show, you will be working with a trade show exhibit designer like AD-EX International to create a booth for your product. Take full advantage of this process and be willing to accept advice. There are a few general rules and guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Don't create a booth that is too busy. You do want to booth to be attractive and make a statement, but there is a fine line between what works and what is too visually stimulating. Your design should be highlighted with lights and boast eye-catching graphics, but not cluttered so much that the whole getup looks like a spammy web page.
  2. Make sure people can tell what you are selling just by looking. For example, if you have a brand new water filtration system, there is a good chance that you will plan on creating a booth that boasts a watery designed background. The only problem with this is that every other water related product creator will be thinking along the same lines. Therefore, onlookers will just assume that all booths with water will be the same sort of thing. Take your ideas a step further to get your point across by displaying large pictures of your product or clearly visible descriptions.

Not Listening to Potential Clients

Yes. You are at a trade show and it is your job to introduce your product and make it known. However, your job is not just to sell what you have, but to sell your personality and business ideas as well. You should give pertinent information to the people to stop by and see you, but do not be so overtly salesy that you cannot take the time to listen to customer concerns. When you are bringing a new product to the table, customers will want to know that you are willing to pay attention to their concerns.

Before you feel like you have all of your plans in place for your next trade show event, make sure that you know just as much about what not to do a you do what is necessary. You will definitely see a dramatic difference in the turnout and success of your efforts while you are there.