Free Marketing Opportunities For Your Small Business In Local Print Media

Marketing your small business needs to be both inexpensive and effective. For your business to thrive, you need to be able to continually reach new customers and bring them to your location.

Finding ways to frugally advertise your business is critical for your budget. Not all marketing venues are effective and many are very expensive gambles.

The good news is that there are some very simple, inexpensive ways that you can market your business to the residents in your area using print media. 

Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Frugal Print Marketing Venues

Print media is largely being replaced by the internet. However, most cities still has a local town newspaper or newsletter. These publications are still necessary in order to keep residents who are not part of the digital revolution informed of local news and events.

Local publications are a fantastic way to advertise your small business. The obvious choice is to pay for an advertisement in the publication. However, there are more effective options that you should explore:

  • press releases
  • expert content
  • business review

Provide a Written Press Release

You can submit a written press release to local publications at any time. You should send your press release to the attention of the editor. The editor's contact information will be located on the publication itself, as well as on their website.

Your press release could simply include a basic description of your business, with the purpose of inviting local folks to come down and see what you are all about. Providing photos of your business space is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your press release.

Provide Quality Expert Content

Since local publications often struggle to find quality content, you can submit an article written as an expert in your business's field and the publication might publish it.

For example, if you own a barber shop, then you might write a simple article about how to properly shave with a straight razor. This will show your expertise to potential customers, and rather than try this type of shave themselves, they will come to visit your business to have you do it for them.

Ask for a Reporter to Review Your Business 

You can always contact a local publication and ask to have a reporter visit your business and write a review. It is best to do this after you have been in business for a while. You want to get all of the kinks out of your systems before asking for a critical review!


Continually marketing your small business in inexpensive ways is a lot of hard work. By working with local print media publications, you can keep your business's name fresh in the marketplace - for free!