Entry Doors: Making The Right Decision

Your home's front door is especially important. Not only is it the primary entrance into your home, but it's also a highly visible part of your home. Given how frequently it's used and the importance of maintaining your home's curb appeal, it's a good idea to put forth a serious effort to pick the right entry door for your home.


If you're looking for the look of luxury and sophistication, wood is an option you should consider. The natural grains and stain of wood affords you the look of a hand-crafted design element, packaged as a fully functional door. Wood is also a good option because of its weight.

A wood door is heavy enough to keep an intruder out, helping you keep your home secure. However, compared to other entry door options, like steel or fiberglass, a wood door will cost more to install and you will have to do more frequent maintenance to protect it from the harsh effects of the elements.


If you want the style versatility of real wood, but don't have a large budget, fiberglass is one choice. Down to the grains found in natural wood, a fiberglass door can be designed to look very similar. However, it also comes along with less maintenance. Unlike wood, fiberglass isn't prone to buckling when exposed to elements, like moisture.

Additionally, fiberglass is a more energy efficient option because it has more insulation than both wood and steel.  However, fiberglass is highly susceptible to denting. A forceful kick is enough to dent and damage the door, so keep this in mind.


In terms of cost, steel is one of the most inexpensive entry door options available. Steel is a more practical solution and doesn't offer much to you in the style department. However, a steel door can be painted to add some aesthetic appeal to it.

Most importantly, steel doors do the job. Compared to both wood and fiberglass, steel is the most secure option. While its low price tag might be appealing, it's important to look at longevity, especially if you live in an area near the ocean. The salt naturally found in the air can cause the steel to deteriorate, decreasing the lifespan of the door.

When it comes to your home's entry door, durability, security and cost are going to be the most important considerations. Make certain you choose an option that meets all your needs in each of these areas.

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