How to Turn Your Box Spring into a Bed Frame

Box springs serve a purpose, but sometimes they tend to stand out from your luxurious bedding and decor, and not in a good way. Unless you have a bed skirt (which can be a little bit of a pain) around your box spring to help cover it up, a box spring can be pretty unsightly. You can turn your box spring into a stand alone bed frame that actually looks like an expensive, upholstered piece of furniture. See below for instructions on how to turn your box spring into a bed frame.

Materials You'll Need:

  • 3-4 yards of upholstery fabric (amount will depend on the size of your box spring)
  • Staples
  • Staple gun
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • 6 leg brackets
  • 6 wooden legs
  • Box spring (of course)


  1. First, you'll take your fabric and lay it across your box spring. You will most likely need to cut it in half for the fabric to cover your entire box spring (this will depend on the size of your box spring).
  2. Sew the two pieces of fabric together using your sewing machine. Sew the pieces so that the seam looks neat and clean on the outside of the fabric.
  3. Once you have the fabric sewed together, lay it over the box spring evenly so you have enough fabric to staple on every end.
  4. Carefully lay your box spring on your side and begin stapling the fabric to the box spring. Fold the corners so they look neat and clean. Pull the fabric tight across your box spring so it doesn't sag anywhere.
  5. Begin attaching the brackets on each corner using your drill and screws. Also attach a bracket in the middle of the sides of the box spring.
  6. Attach the legs to each of the brackets. You can add soft felt pads to the bottoms of each of the legs to keep the legs from scratching your floors.
  7. Next flip your box spring on the legs and be sure they are sturdy enough to hold someone laying in the bed.
  8. Add your mattress on top and enjoy your new upholstered box spring/bed frame.

Extra tip: When looking for fabric for this project, look for a fabric that is both durable, sturdy and somewhat neutral. A neutral fabric will allow you to change your decor without having to change your box spring fabric.

Your box spring will still serve it's purpose on your bed, it will just look a little more appealing this way. For more information on box springs, contact West Coast Mattress