Four Ways To Give Your New Roof A More Modern Look

If you are renovating your home, part of your project may include installing a new roof. Asphalt shingles are the conventional choice, but if you want to have a more modern design, you may want to use other materials. If you want to have a more modern look for your roof, you may want to use composite materials, metal or architectural shingles. These modern materials can be a great choice to replace your asphalt shingles. Here are some choices of materials you may want to consider to give your home modern roofing:

1. Textured Architectural Shingles For Conventional Solutions

Architectural shingles are a great choice to give your home a modern look. These shingles have a textured design that gives roofs more dimension. Architectural shingles may also have a longer life than conventional tabbed shingles. They may cost a little more, but they are worth the investment if you want to have asphalt shingles installed on your roof with more of a modern appearance.

2. Composite Roofing Materials That Are Not Asphalt Products

There are also many composite roofing materials available that can be made out of recycled rubber and plastic materials. These can be just like asphalt shingles, but do not contain asphalt. These materials also come in many different styles, which will give you the choices you want for a modern roofing design.

3. Modern Metal Roofing For A Longer Lasting Roof Solution

Metal is another great choice of material to give your home a modern look. Metal can come in styles that include panels, shingles and seamless roofing. Seamless roofing will be the most costly choice, but it will give your home more protection from leaks. Metal is also one of the most durable choices available for roofing on your home.

4. Synthetic Roofing Materials For A Classic Look With Modern Materials

There are also many choices of synthetic roofing materials, which resemble, tile, slate or shake roofing. These materials can be a great solution to use modern materials, but still give your home a classic look. These materials are usually made from recycled waste, which also makes them a green choice for the roofing on your home.

These are some materials that you may want to consider to give your home a modern roof. If you need help choosing the right materials, for your home and having them installed, contact a roofing contractor and talk with them about using some of these modern roofing materials on your home.