3 Reasons To Add A Storage Unit To Your Disaster Plan

Planning for a disaster is a great way to ensure that you and your loved ones are better able to survive during a widespread disaster. While many disaster preppers will store much of their supplies in their home or bug out location, it is a good idea to consider a backup storage solution. Adding a storage unit to your disaster plan is a great idea because it is secure, versatile, and a low priority target.


One of the biggest reasons to add a storage unit to your disaster plan is that it will provide you with a safe place to keep your supplies if you cannot reach your home or make it to your bug out location. Since many storage facilities incorporate security gates, 24-hour surveillance, and on-site security personnel, you can rest assured that your supplies will not be stolen before a disaster occurs.


Another reason to consider adding a storage unit to your disaster plan is that many storage facilities are quite versatile when it comes to the different types of units that they can offer. For example, you can often rent a climate-controlled storage unit that will allow you to store foodstuffs and medical supplies that can often be susceptible to shifts in temperature.

A storage facility can also provide you with a range of unit sizes that can help you store just about anything that you want for your disaster plan. For example, you can rent a smaller unit that is the size of a large closet to store food, medicine, or firearms. In addition, you can also rent a larger unit that can accommodate vehicles to store your bug out car, truck, or motorcycle.

Low Priority Target

Finally, you will want to add a storage unit to your disaster plan because a storage facility is not going to be high up on the list of targets if people start looting out of desperation during a disaster. In most cases, people will focus their efforts on grocery stores and pharmacies first, which means that your items will be less likely to be stolen before you can get to them.

Pay a visit to your local self-storage facilities today in order to discuss the many storage options that are available to you. A storage unit can provide a versatile and secure addition to any bug out or disaster plan. The fact that these storage facilities like Belmont Self Storage are unlikely to be looted first if a disaster occurs means that your supplies will be there when you need them.