Keeping Your Storage Unit Free From Pests

If you are going to be renting a storage unit, you will most likely not want any insects or mice getting inside your containers where your belongings are being housed. While most storage unit facilities have very secure doorways, there is still the possibility that you bring in the intruders yourself or that they can slide into a crack or crevice that is unnoticed. Here are a few steps you can take in making sure your belongings do not become the home to a rodent or insect infestation.

Clean Before Storing

Take the time to wipe down your belongings with a cleanser before putting them into storage. Any furniture, appliances, or larger item with a sticky surface can become an attraction to bugs or rodents. Wash all clothing in hot water and dry completely before putting into storage. This will help kill any bed bugs or flea eggs that may have become embedded in the fibers, eliminating the risk of an infestation inside your storage unit.

Pack Items In Bins

Instead of using cardboard boxes to house your smaller items, place them inside plastic storage bins. Cardboard is attractive to all kinds of insects and there is a risk of bringing in hidden guests that may be embedded between layers of corrugation that make up the boxes. When packing items, do not bring in a full bin without looking through the contents beforehand or you may bring a stowaway into your unit. Instead, dump out the bin, clean each item, and repack neatly so there is no risk of hidden intruders going with you.

Check The Seal

When you rent a storage unit, check the seal to see if it appears to be closing air-tight. Try sliding a credit card underneath to see if there is a gap in the closure. If there is, ask the storage unit supervisor if you can rent a different unit. If there is no other unit available, ask if they can use some silicone caulking around the entryway to help you keep out pests. 

Leave Food Out

Do not, under any circumstance, bring edible items to store in your unit unless you wish to put your belongings at risk. Insects and rodents can smell food and will try very hard to enter a unit where it is present. 

Tell The Manager

If you notice a pest or insect invasion in the storage unit, alert the manager right away. There may be another unit in the vicinity that has put everyone else's belongings at risk because they did not take the precautions listed above. The supervisor will be able to alert a pest control service to have the situation handled properly.

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