Keeping Your Business Safe While You Are Away on Vacation

If you own a small business, and you have decided to take a week from work to go away, you may be a bit worried about what to expect while you are out of town. If word gets out you are not around to watch over your building, the chance of robbery is high. Here are some ways you can deter potential thieves from targeting your building while you are not able to watch over it yourself.

Add Extra Lighting

Before you go away, install extra lights around your establishment to throw potential thieves off-guard. If they see lights lit that are not normally on, they may wonder if you have a caretaker on the premises while you are away, making them think twice about trying to gain entry.

Have the lights placed on a timer so different ones come on at different times within your building, keeping people from recognizing a pattern in when they are on or off. Place a few lights that are motion-activated on your property as well, as a thief walking through your property will be startled when a light captures them within the illumination, probably making them run off as a result.

Hire a Security Guard

If you are really worried about someone gaining entry to your building while you are away, consider hiring a security service to tend to your building while you are not around. You can give them access to the building as well as the grounds and have them patrol the area throughout the entire term of your absence. This is the best way at keeping yourself safe from theft as there will always be someone available on the premises to deter theft.

Install an Alarm System

It may be a good idea to have an alarm system placed within your business before you are to leave for vacation. Potential thieves would be scared off when an alarm starts making loud sounds, and the police would be alerted that there is an incident occurring on your grounds. Before you leave for vacation, give your alarm password to a trusted friend in case it needs to be shut off while you are away.

Alert the police you will be going on vacation so they ramp up their efforts in patrolling your area. Give the police the name of your friend to contact in case there is a problem while you are away. This information can also be given to your alarm service so they will know who to alert if there is a problem within your business. For more information, talk to a professional like Security Services Northwest, Inc.