Things To Consider When Buying A Commercial Ice Machine

Your commercial ice machine is a great investment for your business. If you make the right choices when you purchase and when it comes to maintaining the machine, you will have that one machine provide you with all of the ice you need for many years. So, what do you need to look for in a quality machine and how do you maintain it? Below, you will find the answers to those questions.

Filtration System

Purchase an ice machine that has a built-in filtration system. The filter does three things for your machine:

  1. Removes contaminants from the water that could make the ice look discolored and cloudy.
  2. Decreases scale that will damage the machine.
  3. Provides clean, odorless water that will produce great tasting and smelling ice.

In most cases, filters need to be replaced about every six months, but if you have very hard water, it will need replaced sooner.

Note: If you purchase a machine with a built-in filtration system, be sure to keep up with the schedule of replacement. Failure to do so could void any manufacturer's warranty offered.

Antimicrobial Materials

To decrease the risk of microbial issues with the machine, invest in a machine that has been built using antimicrobial materials. This plastic is used in the ice molds and the storage bin to prevent the growth of microbial contaminants.

Maintain Twice Each Year

Keeping up with the filter change schedule is just one part of keeping your machine in good working condition. When you change the filter, take the time to thaw, clean and descale the machine completely. De-scaling is done by cleaning the machine with a nickel-safe cleaning agent.

Note: Some models have automatic descaling systems built into them. All you have to do is set the schedule for the cleaning and it will be done for you.

Designated Bins and Scoops

Purchasing bins and scoops that will be used for only the ice coming from the machine will greatly reduce the risk of contamination.  Using clean, sanitary tools to handle the ice will prevent the ice from being exposed to anything that could make it taste bad, smell terrible and even become contaminated with bacteria.

Talk with a local commercial ice dispenser professional, such as Crystal Ice Machine, to learn more about the added features available and to find the ice machine that will provide your company with the ice it needs for several years before replacement is needed.