4 Helpful Services To Look For In Glass Repair

Are all glass repair shops the same? Well, no. There are a number of ways that the best shops differentiate themselves and offer better service to customers. Read on to find out what to look for from a glass repair service, and how to evaluate these kinds of service in a competitive market.


One of the biggest customer service values in the auto glass repair industry right now is the idea that company representatives can meet people where they are to repair or replace broken glass. You may have seen new auto glass repair commercials with workmen coming to a supermarket or a stadium or someplace where someone had their windows broken out, to put glass in place directly in the parking lot. This type of house call is very valuable for you, saving you time and effort in getting the fixes that you need.

Graffiti Removal and Washing

Lots of companies focus on replacing glass portions that have been cracked or damaged, but sometimes, glass just needs different types of cleaning services or some type of buffing or polishing. Some shops offer these types of services for customers in order to help them make the most of their assets and avoid more costly solutions. Talk to a glass repair shop about getting graffiti or other stubborn residue off of a piece of glass instead of replacing the entire thing.

Glass Cleanup

Shattered glass can be a real mess. Some companies help with removing shattered auto glass from seats or other areas of the vehicle. This is another valuable service that can come in handy when you have to call an auto glass company to help with vehicle repair.

Working Around Vehicle Systems

In some cases, vehicle glass can be so close to vehicle systems that it's hard to replace the glass or work with it without damaging other areas of the vehicle. Good repair shops know how to remove and reinstall or rehang panels, and how to remove damaged window glass from inside of the door without damaging locks, power wiring, and other types of systems.

Ask auto glass repair shops about these comprehensive services and how they work to satisfy customers. In many of these types of jobs, good and speedy repair is important, but so is detailed work and being able to facilitate a particular customer's needs – which is why the best shops put a premium on helpful and diversified glass repair services. For more information, contact a local company like Guardian Glass.