Four Tips To Create The Perfect Trade Show Exhibit

Businesses rent booths at tradeshows for one reason- to garner new customers for their products or services. The competition for attracting attention to your booth can be keen. You are just one booth of dozens or even hundreds of vendors vying for attendees' time. Here are four ways you can make sure your booth provides the eye candy to lure them in.

Visit Other Trade Shows First

Before you lay down the deposit for a trade show exhibit rental and start investing in materials for your booth, attend a convention or two to see what others are doing. It doesn't even matter if it is in the same industry or not. You are interested in seeing what catches your eye. Take notes and even pictures if you are allowed to. Pay special attention to how the vendors utilize their space, and what works and what doesn't work. Notice the booth sizes, including the height, and compare the differences between interior booths versus larger corner booths that frequently serve as an anchor. Sit and observe what catches others' eyes, how the foot traffic flows, and what booths seem to capture the most attention.

Create A Tagline

You have your logo, you have your brand name, but a short tagline is imperative, especially if you are a new company or not a household name yet. The tagline should sum up in three to six words what your primary line of business is. It should concisely communicate with memorable clarity what your company, product or service is all about. Make sure your tagline is strategically positioned throughout your booth and visible from a distance.

Plan The Back Wall Carefully

This is the most expensive "real estate" of your booth. It's where people's eyes will naturally look for clues to what you are all about. Don't make them have to decipher your trade show exhibit rental booth. Make it "in your face." This is especially important if you have a small or medium sized linear booth. Clearly define what your focus should be, and then re-create that on your back wall. Consider it your personal billboard, and design it as such.

Choose Your Lighting Carefully

In addition to the lighting provided by the venue, you can use lighting to highlight your logo, your brochures and informational posters, and direct the flow of traffic at your booth. Choose a combination of track lighting, spotlights, and LED rope lights to impart a warm and welcoming glow to your booth. You don't want to use harsh blue lights that cast an eerie glow.