Guide For Choosing An Office Shredder

Choosing the perfect shredder for your office takes a little bit of advance planning. Don't simply go for the lowest priced model or what's available at the local office supply store without first sitting down and determining your exact needs. The following guide can help you pick out the perfect shredder for your needs.

How much shredding do you do on average?

Do you only need to shred a couple of papers a day or do you run whole file folders through at once? If you have a lot of daily shredding then opt for a high-capacity shredder that allows you to run multiple pages through at once, including folders filled with sheaves of paper. This will cut down on jams, which can be a problem for low-capacity machines if an employee tries to overload it. Higher-capacity machines also typically come with larger storage compartments, so you don't have to empty the shredder as often. 

What level of security do you require?

The security risk of your average document is also  a concern when selecting a shredder. If most of your documents don't contain highly sensitive information, such as just basic invoices with only name and address information, then you probably don't need a high-security shredder. On the other hand, if sensitive information such as credit card information or social security numbers are on some of your documents, then you need to look for a high-level security shredder that cuts thin strips and then cross cuts them into smaller pieces. This makes it impossible for a possible identity thief to put the documents back together.

Are you shredding non-paper items?

A common source of shredder jams are from non-paper items being put into the shredder. If compact discs, credit cards, or other non-paper items need to be destroyed in your business, opt for an industrial strength shredder that is made to destroy these items, such as the Destroyit 4002 shredder. These types of shredders can also handle items like staples or paper clips, which are sometimes accidentally left on the paper when it is placed into the shredder. This can save you from a jam or a burned-out motor if the shredder is strong enough to handle these oversights.

When shopping for a shredder, err on the side of caution and invest in one that will handle your maximum needs. This will save you from having to upgrade later if you find you need more shredding power.