Retrofitting Your Old House With Central Air Conditioning: What Options Are Available?

The majority of old houses do not have a central air conditioning system. During summer when temperatures are warm, those staying in these old homes look for other cooling techniques, such as installing fans in every room or noisy window A/C units. The preference for these inefficient options is because installing tubing and traditional ducts that are needed to make a central air conditioning system functional can be quite expensive. Fortunately, if you have an older home, there are some affordable options that can enable you to retrofit a central air conditioning system as will be described below.

Installing a ductless split A/C

The first option you should consider for your old house is installing a ductless split A/C. This A/C has two parts: a small indoor unit and larger compressor unit. The small unit is usually placed on the walls of any room in the house. The larger unit will be put on a concrete slab outside the house. During installation, holes will be dug in the wall where the small unit is placed. Refrigerant lines will be passed through these holes to connect the two units. When you turn on a ductless A/C, the refrigerant and compressor in the outdoor larger unit work in tandem to produce cool air. This cool air together with electricity is pumped into the indoor units along the refrigerant lines. The electricity powers the fan that is located in the indoor unit to distribute the cold air in the house and also pump back the hot air to the outside unit through the refrigerant lines.  

Getting a high velocity unit

 Another viable option for your old house is a high velocity A/C system, especially if you have more space. This system uses smaller and flexible tubing compared to the traditional duct work required for the low-velocity unit. This duct work can be neatly fitted behind walls and inside closets and ceiling joints. The beauty with a high velocity system is that it will cool the entire house consistently. Another added advantage is that despite the smaller duct-work, this system still offers efficient cooling for larger homes.

If you want to retrofit your old house with a central air conditioning system, you should hire a certified professional from a reputable HVAC company. This technician will inspect your home and advise you on the best A/C option to install. They will charge a modest fee to carry out this task and you can enjoy your summer without worrying about the sweltering temperatures.