How to Narrow Down Which Software to Look At

If you're moving your medical facilities management over to an automated system that allows people to file and retrieve work orders online, you've got your work cut out for you. Not only will you have to upload previous work orders and records so people can access those when they need to see a history, but you'll also find plenty of software options vying for your attention. You likely have a number of requirements already in mind, but double-check that your list includes these questions too.

Who Owns the Data and Where Does It Go?

You're inputting data into these systems and storing it on the company's server. When you do that, does the company own the data and the history of the records of every form created in that system? That may not seem like a big deal for facility maintenance, but ownership of the records and data equals the ability to access the data. If the software company says they own the data, then they can control when you access it, which can be of concern if your relationship with the company takes a turn for the worse. Look for software where you retain ownership of the data and the records.

Do You Want an App Version for Phones and Tablets?

Connectivity and mobility really go hand in hand now. You need software for laptops and desktops, but you might find that your facilities crew would appreciate having an app version for their phones or tablets so they can access work orders without having to return to an office or other central point to pick up more orders. Some facilities management software companies have started creating these apps for different platforms; if you find that an app would be helpful, make sure you get one that matches the platform used on company phones and tablets.

Can You Create Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Work Orders or Just As-Needed Orders?

Most software should give you the ability to create proactive preventive maintenance orders on a schedule, rather than limiting you to just those work orders that come in as needed for repairs and cleaning. However, it's best to double-check all of the functions you'll get to ensure you don't pick that rare software package that offers only bare-bones orders.

Does It Have Options for Noting Biohazards and Biohazard Removal?

If you're in a medical facility, you'll have biohazards to deal with. You'll need some way to mark orders that deal with biohazards and removal so that workers can see what they're dealing with at a glance. That gives them time to prepare and make sure they have the proper equipment for dealing with the hazard.

If you are looking for a medical facilities management software, talk to a software supplier in your area.