The Use Of A Rotary Die Cutter During The Production Of Packaging Materials

Folding cartons are packaging materials that are often produced with a rotary die cutter. A die cutter is a machine that contains cylindrical dies and a press. The dies each contain sharp protrusions that will pierce through materials. Learn how this type of equipment operates and some features that can be used to create custom packaging.

How A Die Cutter Works

A rotary die cutter continuously operates as materials are fed through it. Each die contains a custom design that will repeatedly cut materials to the same size. The press applies pressure to the top of a material, resulting in cuts being made through corrugated cardboard or paperboard.

The tension of the press and the amount of clearance underneath a die should be adjusted, prior to feeding materials through a die cutter. Too much pressure and a low clearance could damage cardboard or paperboard products; too little pressure could result in cut marks not going all the way through the material that is being cut out. 

Some Considerations For Custom Products

A rotary die cutter is just one type of die-cutting machine that is used for manufacturing purposes. Flat die cutters do not use a cylindrical die. They rely upon a flat panel to make cuts into raw materials.

A semi-rotary die cutter relies upon a single cylindrical die. The die will move in one direction and the stock material that is fed through the machine will move back and forth. By passing underneath the die several times, cuts will be made deeply into the stock material.

There may be occasions in which full cuts are not going to be needed during the production of goods. The production of adhesives that will contain paper backings or the creation of products that are going to contain score marks that can be used for cutting purposes later on will require the use of special cutting techniques. Cutting and perforating functions should be programmed at the beginning of a cutting session. A sample batch of test materials can be fed through a cutter to determine if cuts or score marks match what you need.

Some die cutters support the use of different applications during the same cutting session. If you purchase a die cutter that contains multiple programmable stations, you will have the option of making full or partial cuts through various packaging components that are being manufactured at your plant. 

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