What You Need To Know About Firearms Training

While politicians have been arguing about the 2nd amendment rights for decades, if not longer, average citizens need to understand what is required of them in terms of firearms training. From basic and enhanced concealed carry classes to firearms simulator training, there are plenty of options.

Are you required to attend basic firearms training?

What is required of you as a gun owner in terms of training varies from state to state and often municipality to municipality. Ordinances typically include the requirement that gun owners take a basic firearms safety course as well as a written exam. Some states even require a shooting proficiency test.

As a reminder, people with previous felony convictions are banned from possessing a gun. The length of the ban is determined by state law with some states only banning gun possession until the end of the probation period while other states, like Minnesota, ban access for "ten years after the sentence has expired."

What is a firearms simulator training?

Firearms simulator training is a great way to learn how to use your gun in a safe and controlled environment. These simulators typically use airsoft or laser guns and provide different scenarios that will help you learn how to react in different situations.

What is firearms simulator training used for?

One of the main benefits of firearms simulator training is that it allows you to get comfortable with using your gun without the risk of harming yourself or others. This type of training is often used by law enforcement and military personnel to prepare them for real-world situations. It can also be beneficial for those who are new to guns or considering carrying a concealed weapon.

Simulator training can help you learn how to react in different situations, such as if someone breaks into your home or if you are confronted by a mugger. It can also help you learn how to use your gun more effectively and become more comfortable with using it in general.

What are basic and enhanced concealed carry classes?

Basic concealed carry classes will typically go over state laws, gun safety, and how to carry a concealed weapon. The enhanced version of the class is designed for those who want to take their permit a step further. In most cases, the enhanced class covers topics such as self-defense law, mental preparedness for carrying a gun, and how to deal with law enforcement when you are carrying a concealed weapon.

What is the difference between concealed and open carry?

The difference between concealed carry and open carry is that concealed carry refers to carrying a weapon under your clothes, in your glove compartment, or otherwise hidden. Open carry, on the other hand, means having a weapon in plain view of the public. In most states, you must have a permit for concealed carry while open carry is typically allowed without a permit. Many states, however, do distinguish between the type of gun you can open carry. While a few states allow open carry of assault weapons, most do not allow it.

Whether you are interested in basic and enhanced concealed carry classes or want to try your hand at firearms simulator training, becoming well-versed in how to use your gun in a safe manner is important.